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Chinese - Learning the Chinese language

In recent years, China’s economic and political stability has risen dramatically. The standard Chinese language is therefore becoming a more and more popular subject to learn amongst the youth in the Western world, like in UK.

In 1991 there were 2,000 foreign learners appearing for China's official Chinese aptitude Test (comparable to English's Cambridge Certificate), while in 2005, the number of candidates rose drastically to 117,660.

Although Chinese has been referred to as a very difficult non-native language, but the expansion of Hanyu Pinyin and simplified Chinese characters has made it easier for foreigners to start learning the language.

First and foremost, every beginner should start using pinyin and steps on how to read it and pronounce it. This makes the learning procedure simple at the start.

It would be really helpful for all the beginners to listen and catch the pronunciation of a native Chinese speaker. This does not even require a lot of effort as it’s only about listening and trying to copy it in regular pronunciation.

Try to match each character with each sound and accent. Identifying characters is usually the most difficult phase faced by beginners. Chinese grammar is comparatively easier than many other languages


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