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Chinese business and social etiquette

Luckily, as the time advances, people in China are not as inflexible in their interpretation of this etiquette. How important etiquettes are can be judged over the importance of the dealings going on. Usually, certain business etiquettes have to be strictly followed. However, with the young generation in China, people are more flexible and are more inclined towards the westernized approach to business.

Dress code

Suiting and ties are the most preferred attire for men but there is flexibility according to the business environment. It goes without saying that a smart business appearance would give you extra confidence in an unfamiliar country, and would also imply that you have a level of respect for your host. However, whilst it can be slightly trickier for ladies, generally speaking, a few smart suits and layered business wear would be suitable. Too much exposure will only make them uncomfortable.

Business card exchange

It is a new business trend to exchange business cards. This was introduced as the economic structure in China got developed. Presenting the card with both hands is a matter of respect and creates a mutual relationship.

Giving gifts

It is a Chinese tradition to exchange gifts with visitors. The most popular gift would be unfamiliar to the Chinese people, representative of your own country and evocative of a meaningful story or positive message.  It is not suitable to give money - small gifts will be always kept in mind.

Dining in China

Chinese often organize banquets for visitors in a lavish restaurant. Usually these banquets include a wide range of dishes including dishes from the west. When having a formal meal, protocol is not an issue, just let the Chinese arrange it for you. Follow their lead to be on the good part. Unlike the young generation who split the bill, let the inviter pay the bill in China.


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