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Chinese website design, web/mobile application development, SEO, Mobile, Social Media and Search Engine Marketing

Translate-to-chinese.com offers qualified Chinese translation and localisation for websites in both to and from English. Translate-to-chinese.com can provide translators who are software engineers, Chinese web designers and web/mobile developers, or even digital marketers in their own right.

To that end we can help with

  • Search engine optimisation (SEO) for both Google and Baidu
  • Search engine and social media marketing (renren, weibo, etc)
  • Web and mobile application development
  • Multichannel digital marketing

Not only translate-to-Chinese translates your website or web application from Chinese to English translation and English to Chinese translation, but also offers software development services at different steps of software development life cycle from feasibility study to design, development and testing. We also take Chinese culture into account when we do Chinese translation to your website or other services like Chinese website translation and Chinese website design.





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