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Chinese voice-over translation services and projects

Services for our voice over include:

  • Giving  artistic Chinese voice-over artists according to different sex, age and style
  • Verification in the status of art studios
  • Adjust the Chinese translation to the precise voice over needs.
  • Available for every Chinese language for example Mandarin (simplified Chinese) and Cantonese
  • Provide Chinese actors for audio – over work appropriate for different geographical Chinese locality, for example mainland China and Hong Kong.

Chinese Voice-over projects:

  • Narration in Chinese related to medical terminology
  • Computer programs and E-learning applications in Chinese
  • Professionally designed business presentations in Chinese
  • Web tutorial
  • Audio manuscript
  • Presentations regarding point of purchase
  • Chinese Tuition videos
  • computer graphics  and Chinese voice performing
  • Chinese TV commercials and radio
  • Computer games programs and virtual tour in Chinese
  • Programs conducted in flight in Chinese
  • Voiceovers for movie trailers in Chinese


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