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UK-based Chinese Translation Services

Translate-to-Chinese.com service provides professional English to Chinese translation and Chinese to English translation combination. We are experts in translating number of businesses or personal documents.

Translate-to-Chinese.com Chinese specialists do Chinese translations in an expert and experienced way. They are native Chinese speakers with appropriate high-level qualifications.They specialized in specific fields like accounting, banking, financial documents, commercial contracts, management and marketing materials.

Whether your need of Chinese translation is large or small, Translate-to-chinese.com is always there to assist you with your translation needs. Our Chinese translation team has many experienced translators who specialize in Chinese to English translation or vice versa and direct changes on your card's electronic design.

Translate-to-Chinese.com has excellent Chinese translation software engineers and quality assurance editors who can localize for both software and websites. They will also adapt your material to ensure that your documents are ready for your target market. In the age of globalization, an easy way to expand your business in a highly cost effective environment is to localize your website into Chinese language. It’s worth the investment!

We also offer services for Chinese interpretation and voice-overs. We provide Sub titling English-Chinese translations for movies and videos or movies files. No matter what your Chinese translation needs is, Chinese Translation Services can provide it.

We specialize in Chinese to English translation and English to Chinese translation services. All our projects are performed by our highly skilled translators and interpreters working into their own native language in a subject that they have studied.

Our Chinese translation service has always been well appreciated by our customers. As far as the Chinese language translation is concerned, we consider it as an art and stress over its absolute quality. Whether it’s about translating English to Chinese or Chinese to English, the main impact remains with the understanding of English and Chinese subjects along with its knowledge. However at times, the emphasize is shared between the allowable variances like  American Chinese translation, where the translator is not only required to know Chinese English translation but is particularly supposed to be acquainted with American traditions and their language properly. Similarly, when it’s about UK, the translators are supposed to have a good command of British English in addition to the other standards needed.

Here is an example of the Chinese translation service that we provide:


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