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Chinese translation, Chinese SEO, Social Media and Web Design/Development

Normal Translation (English - Simplified Chinese/Mandarin)

  • Translating a variety of business or personal documents

Chinese Websites and Chinese SEO(Simplified Chinese/Mandarin)

  • English-Chinese website translation
  • Chinese web design
  • Web development in Chinese
  • Chinese SEO (search engine optimisation-optimization)
  • Chinese translation of databases and electronic files

Chinese Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Marketing

  • RenRen
  • Weibo
  • Baidu
  • Google

Specialist Chinese Translations

  • Accounting
  • Banking
  • Financial documents
  • Commercial contracts
  • Financial, management and marketing materials

Business Card and Name translation from English to Chinese

  • Translation of English - Simplified Chinese / Mandarin
  • Direct changes on your card's electronic design

Proofreading (Chinese)

  • Comprehensive and thorough check of completed work
  • Complete check of grammar, syntax, style, and layout

Chinese Interpreting

  • Native Chinese speakers with appropriate high-level qualifications
  • Specific and detailed specialist knowledge of the accounting and finance fields

Localisation English-Chinese

  • For both software and websites. Translate your website and prepare to enter the chinese market
  • Chinese web design and development
  • Adapting your material to ensure that your documents are ready for your target market

SubTitling Chinese-English

  • For movies and video or music files
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